To provide a fun, safe environment for all girls wishing to learn, play and excel at softball!

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Please click here to download the Loudoun County Public Schools – Student Athlete Concussion Guidelines:

Since LLGSL utilizes LCPS fields and facilities, the County PRCS requires our Parents to complete this form and provide your child's coach a completed copy of the signature page.


In addition, Coaches must complete a Concussion Training course.

The CDC provides an online course for these purposes. Follow this link:


The CDC also provides resources for Parents. Follow this link:


Parents may also want to consider completing the online course for additional information. Follow this link:


The CDC Heads Up main page can be found here:


Another resource for Training is Brain 101 Concussion Playbook for Coaches, Parents and Athletes. Follow this link: SCHOOL-WIDE CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT


VA State Code Sections that detail State Law regarding this:

§ 22.1-271.5.

§ 22.1-271.6

LCPS Policies regarding this topic:

Policy and Regulation Manual

Look for Chapter 8 Article V §8-58